Coaching in Motion.

Jess Hayden, PhD

Life and Academic Coach


I want to help you understand the psychology of life. 

Grow With Me! I'm a solution-focused coach, who is interested in your success. I'm human. I relish the ability to feel and be. I am forever a student, a work in progress. I'm a dreamer and a goal chaser. I'm a seer. Where there is failure, I see possibility. I'm a pioneer, an agent of change

I'm grieved by reactionary violence and hatred. I believe in the power of talking, and the expression of feeling through words rather than action.


I'm a bifurcation of natural wonder and modern society.

I enjoy feeling connected and belonging, but cherish time spent being  in nature where I'm reminded of the vast expanse of the universe and all of the power and wisdom it beholds.

Join Me on a Journey