• Jessica Hayden, PhD

Why'd I do it?

Hey there, I've been waiting for you to join me on this adventure in becoming...it starts now.

The past twenty years feel like a blur. I built my life based on the blueprint composed of should. I made decisions based on what every one else thought I should do. I searched for validation all around me, instead of listening to the voice of my own intuition. All along, anxiety and doubt gripped the wheel of my destiny. At age 38 I found myself looking at forty with a deflated spirit and a mind filled with curiosity and wonder. The more I accepted my current reality, the more stagnant and dissatisfied I became. I couldn't allow myself to believe that this was all there was. My purpose tripped on the shoelaces of fear and messages of can't.

I watched the world spin around me, as I stood still.

Then, it happened, the tipping point. Another break up in my left front pocket. It was time to navigate the depths of my soul and crawl out of the safety-net womb of security. My development feels akin to that of an infant. The journey of becoming...

I want to help you achieve your goals, your dreams, your life passion.

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Join Me on a Journey